17, April, 2018- 10:50

The term palladium might sound a little sober at first, but it is the name of a metal which is related to platinum and which has a high value.

Why can Palladium also be an option when it comes to choosing your wedding rings? Simple: this material distinguishes itself through its high colour and shape resistance and looks very similar to platinum. Shortly said: in terms of wedding rings, palladium is a material which can make a lot of wishes come true – maybe even exactly the ones you have in mind!

Wedding rings of the Bayer Palladium collection are manufactured in beautiful combinations of palladium and gold. Palladium, which is also known as the little sister of platinum, has a lot of similar characteristics to platinum. It convinces primarily through its colour and shape resistance.

With palladium it is also possible to choose between different ring surfaces. Different methods for surface treatment can be used (e.g. matt, polished etc.). Overall the material displays a high value and is outstandingly suitable which makes it a great material for wedding rings that should fulfil your individual wishes.

You can find our Palladium collection here.