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White gold wedding – Do you want gold in a gentle look?

Gold is a beautiful material – by processing this to rings, necklace and other accessories it decorates the wearer and is a symbol for value. Some people do not like the natural shade of gold. Sometimes because the shade does not match their skin colour, or because yellow gold is to conspicuous, or they perceive it as to pompous – lastly the taste of people is different. You hesitate when it comes to choose wedding rings in yellow gold, but you don’t want to dispense with gold? Then golden wedding rings might be the right solution for your individual stile! They present themselves in a more elegant, but at the same time gentler colour-tone than yellow golden rings. Where does the light colour tone comes from and why they have potential to make you happy for a long time? We are pleased to explain it for you!

White gold wedding rings – Where does the light colour comes from?

Nowadays everyone knows white gold if you are interested in jewellery. The more astonishing is it that the material does not exist for a long time. The history of white gold has started less than 100 years ago. Around the same time platinum – also a white precious metal for jewellery – had a real hype. People did not know gold in a similar light colour but rather in its neutral yellowish colour. Therefore, white gold could fit a market niche – it was less expensive than platinum, but at the same time had a high value. What does that mean for you? If white gold is the basic material for your wedding rings you count on unusual jewellery, but you remain faithful to your preference of gold. One could say you kill two birds with one stone.

 A look with all-time-favourite potential

On contrast to yellow gold, white gold wedding rings suits almost every styling or outfit you can think of. Rings made of this material are therefore a good choice if you like different fashion and to remain flexible. You do not need to fear that you get enough of white gold rings one day. They are easy to combine and have strength which will make you happy also in the long-term. This is very important when it comes to wedding rings because lastly you should wear your jewellery a whole lifetime. A little hint: if you consider upgrading one ring or even both rings with diamonds, then white gold wedding rings are a good choice too. On light materials sparkling diamonds come into full effect. Depending on your taste wedding rings made of white gold can be very elegant and gentle as well as thrilling. Get to know this variety on bayer-eheringe.de . We have white gold wedding rings that will enchant you!